Having issues maintaining water levels, water quality, maintenance or any other concerns? Presto Pool Products asks you to remember that every pool and spa is different, for that reason only general info is given. If information given does not apply to your situation or your question is not answered please contact us.

On average and under normal circumstances, your pool will lose about ¼ inch per day from evaporation, splash out and backwashing. Using a solar blanket will reduce evaporation. To test if your pool is leaking, mark the level of the pool water. Fill a bucket with water and mark the water level in the bucket then place it on your deck on top of your skimmer. Leave it for 24 hours, then compare how much the water went down in the pool compared to the bucket. If the water loss is greater in the pool, you have a leak.

If there is a leak, fill the pool to the proper level and mark.
Run the pump for 12 hrs. check the level and mark. Measure the loss and record it.
Turn the pump off for 12 hrs. Mark the level of the water, measure the loss and record it.
If you lose more water with the pump on, you have a return leak and need a pressure test.

If you lose the same amount with the pump on or off, you have a hole in the liner or main drain line in the pool and you need a diver to locate and repair the problem.

Please call Presto Pools regarding our LEAK DETECTION and POOL DIVE LOCATE AND REPAIR services: 905-876-2211

You should never drain a pool with a liner. The water is what is holding the liner in place. Once the pool is empty, the liner will shift and shrink and will not fit properly when refilling the pool. There are other ways to get your water looking fresh again!

The 3 things that prevent algae growth is:
1. Circulation: the longer you leave you pump running the better it is for your water. We recommend you leave your pump running 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Swimming pool pumps are made to run constantly. It is actually cheaper for the hydro to run the pump constantly then it is to clean up an algae problem that may occur from lack of circulation.
2. Filtration: As soon as your pump is shut off, not only do you lose circulation, but you also loose filtration. Keep an eye on your filter to make sure it is running properly and that sand filters are backwashed when needed.
3. Chlorination: It doesn’t matter what system you are using, weather it be chlorine, bromine, or a salt water system, be sure to always have the proper sanitizer levels in your pool. This will keep algae at bay.

Also, if you have a solar blanket, be sure to not leave it on longer than 2 days straight, especially in really hot weather. This smothers the water and increases the chance of algae growth.

If your pool is green or yellowish on the floor or walls, or green cloudy, or white cloudy, you have algae.
If the water is clear but has a greenish tint you may have copper in the water.

Have a water test!
In order to kill the algae, double or even triple shock the pool. Add Erase or Polyguard to the pool. This will kill the algae plant.

Hook up the vacuum hose and head without the pole and put the head in the deep end of the pool, hookup the vacuum hose into the skimmer this may speed up the clearing of the pool water.

Vacuum the pool on waste or drain. NEVER vacuum on filter or backwash and only do so when the pool water is clear.
If the pool does not clear in 48 hrs. put PowerFloc into the pool. This will drop the cloud to the bottom of the pool. Then follow the vacuuming instructions.

Circulation is one of the key components to having clean water. The longer the water is stagnant the bigger chance you will have of getting algae. Therefore we recommend that the earlier you open the pool in the spring and the later you close it in the fall, the better it is for your water. For most pool owners the swimming pool is a feature of their property so looking at a clean operating swimming pool is much more pleasing than a winter cover. However, every pool is different, so there is no set time when the openings and closings should be done. Make the decision based on your family’s interests and particular situation.

Your pool should be tested daily to keep the pool water in proper balance (this will only take 5 min. and is very important)

  • Take your water sample from at least 1 ft. below the surface away from the skimmer and the returns (jets are where the water shoots back into the pool)
  • Add the test chemical to the water sample as directed in the test kit
  • Compare the results of the test by holding it up to something white, not the sunlight
  • Try to maintain a chlorine or bromine of 1.5 – 3.0 ppm
  • Try to keep the PH between 7.4 – 7.6 (7.5 being ideal)
  • Once every 2 weeks, take a water sample into Presto Pools for a complete Pool Water Analysis to ensure proper pool water balance. If you are a new pool owner, bring a sample in every week until you are comfortable with your pool.

Once a week your pool will need to be SHOCKED/SUPER CHLORINATED/OXIDIZED to keep the water sparkling clear. The amount of product to put in will vary from pool to pool so check at the store for the proper amount and type of shock best suited for you and your pool.

Be sure to chemically clean your filters every two weeks. Use BioGuard Filter Brite to break down the oils on the filter. Just spraying the filter off with water is not enough and won’t properly take the oils off.

Every spa is different, it all depends on how often it is used, the water that is in the tub and how many people are using it. Normally we would recommend draining the spa every 3 to 4 months. As the water gets older, more chemicals are required to maintain proper water chemistry and it can become more expensive to run. Have Presto Pools do a free water test in the store and we can tell you if it is time to drain your spa.


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